Pasanda Yapa Abeywardena says he has no connection with Makandure Madush

Pasanda Yapa Abeywardena says he has no connection with Makandure Madush

Written by Staff Writer

08 Feb, 2019 | 7:50 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Former Southern Provincial Councillor Pasanda Yapa Abeyawardena convening a media briefing today (Feb 8) noted that Nalin Bandara the former deputy minister of law and order without revealing any names had made statements, insinuating that he (Pasanda Yapa) had some form of connection with ‘Makandure Madush’.

There was an allegation made that one of the persons arrested in Dubai was a son of Lakshman Yapa. Pasanda noted that both of his siblings are currently in the country.

The former Southern provincial Councillor noted that there was another allegation that we helped facilitate the passport and that Madush attended his wedding.

Pasanda challenged Deputy Minister Nalin Bandara to deploy the CID and FCID to prove his allegations and noted that if they are proven to be true he would quit politics and voluntarily enter President Maithripala Sirisena’s death penalty list.

He noted that they would be sending a letter of demand to the deputy minister.

Pasanda went onto note that they have received information that a number of associates of UNP Politicians have been arrested along with Madush. He explained that the allegations against them was an attempt to deflect attention away from them.


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