Deceased Indian Fishermen’s remains to be returned to Tamil Nadu

Deceased Indian Fishermen’s remains to be returned to Tamil Nadu

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16 Jan, 2019 | 8:59 pm

Colombo (News1st): The autopsy of the deceased Indian fisherman, that was discovered on the seas near the Delft island in Jaffna, was conducted today (January 16).

The autopsy, which was done at the Jaffna base hospital, has revealed that the death had occurred as a result of drowning. Subsequently, the remains were handed over to the Indian Deputy High Commissioner’s office. The deceased has been identified as 55-year-old Karuppaiya Muniyasaami, a resident of Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu.

His family has made a written request to the fisheries office in Rameshwaram, requesting his remains to be repatriated to Tamil Nadu.

Fishermen in the Rameshwaram area abstained from engaging in fishing activities on Wednesday (Jan 16), urging authorities to provide compensation to his family. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has said, the state government will take steps to provide his family with compensation of Indian Rs. 500,000.

On a separate note, the leader of Patali Makkal party in Tami Nadu, Dr. Ramdas says, the Sri Lanka Navy should be held responsible for this fisherman’s death. However, the Sri Lanka Navy has rejected these claims.

The Navy said when they had attempted to arrest a group of Indian fishermen who had breached the territorial waters of Sri Lanka, the group had attempted to escape after crashing their trawler on the Navy ship. As a result of the collision which occurred, the Indian trawler had toppled and the Navy had rescued 3 fishermen from the wreck. 28 Indian fishermen have been arrested and remanded.

News1st was able to uncover visual evidence of Indian fishermen breaching Sri Lanka’s territorial waters, during a tour which we took in 2014. Several reports surfaced in the past claiming that the Mattala and Palali Airports were to be handed over to India. However, before striking such deals, isn’t it viable to provide long-lasting solutions to such issues?

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