Public takes to the streets against Matara – Katharagama expressway

Public takes to the streets against Matara – Katharagama expressway

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11 Jan, 2019 | 9:14 pm

Colombo (News 1st) -Residents of Sooriyawewa, Hambantota staged a protest today against the failure of the authorities to provide compensation for damages caused to their houses through the construction of the Matara-Kataragama expressway.

201 houses in the “Yaya 550” area in Sooriyawewa, Hambantota were damaged due to the use of dynamite in the area. Residents allege that dynamite was used in a number of areas during the construction of the expressway.

One of the area residents stated that when they were using explosive to break a rock in the area, his house was damaged and construction company got him a boarding house to live in temporarily. He noted that the company had promised to repair his house as well, however for the past year he has been forced to live in a boarding house.

Cornered and helpless the residents took to the streets today to demand a solution to this issue. The protesters obstructed the access road to the “Yaya 550” area in Sooriyawewa.

Under the project, construction is also being carried out in Middeniya Hungama in Hambantota and the general public here has been affected by this. Residents of Middeniya stated that the roads in the area are constantly blocked by lorries transporting sand for the project.

They further stated that when they informed this situation to the RDA officials they have not offered them an alternative. The protesters dispersed after the police promised a solution to the matter within two days.

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