A father’s daring rescue of his family from a fire

A father’s daring rescue of his family from a fire

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08 Jan, 2019 | 8:04 pm

Colombo (News1st): At 7 this morning, a fire broke out in a four-storeyed building located along the Yatinuwara road in Kandy, which was occupied by S.Ramaraj and his family. The fire broke out as Ramaraj was preparing to take his youngest son to his first day of pre-school

Ramaraj who acted rationally was able to save his entire family from the burning building. He received the assistance of the people who gathered at the site after witnessing the fire. Dramatic mobile phone footage captured the moment when Ramaraj threw his 3 and half year old off the building and into the arms of the crowd who had gathered below. He was able to save his other two children aged 7 and 8 years in the same way.

The heroic father had a bit more trouble saving his wife but in the end, all of them were able to escape the horrific ordeal with minor injuries. Ramraj and his family are currently receiving treatment at the Kandy General Hospital. He recounted the horrific ordeal to News1st.

Ramaraj explained that he tried to use the stairs as soon as he felt the smoke come in, but couldn’t as it was engulfed in flames. He then stated that he opened his windows in an attempt to get help. He explained that when the crowd at the street level were ready, he flung a bedspread down to them so that the could catch his children. Ramaraj explained they stayed as long as possible before breathing difficulties forced them to take this dangerous option.

When his wife had attempted to climb down by herself, Ramaraj stated that he went down before in order to help her. As she was climbing down, she slipped and fell, Ramraj was able to catch her for a brief period before he lost his grip on her, luckily the crowd that had earlier caught his children were able to catch her as well.

The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. However, Ramaraj stated that before the fire broke out he saw that an individual had broken into a shop on a floor below them.

We at News1st salute the compassionate people for their brave efforts that saved the lives of a heroic father and his family.

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