First-year university students attacked for opposing ‘ragging’

First-year university students attacked for opposing ‘ragging’

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27 Dec, 2018 | 9:23 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Two university students have been admitted to hospital, after being attacked by a group of senior students. The victims claim that they were attacked for opposing ‘ragging’. The two victims are first-year students at the ‘technology’ faculty at the Wayamba University.

The victims are part of a group who recently organized a meeting to create awareness against ragging.

The incident

Yesterday (December 26) around 7.30 pm the two students arrived at a restaurant close to the university with two other students. The group was attacked while they were leaving the restaurant.

One of the attacked students recalled the events from last night, saying that around 100 students from the university surrounded their vehicle, and began attacking it while using profanity.

“They asked us why we were trying to stop ragging, which had been carried out for a long time.” said the victim.

The student went on to say that when he began to record the incident, the Chairman of the technology faculty attempted to take the phone away. The vehicle they travelled in was also severely damaged in the incident.

“It has only been a week since we attended university. They have asked us to shave our beards and cut our hair short,” he added.

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