Daya Gamage proposes daily wage of Rs 1500 for estate workers

Daya Gamage proposes daily wage of Rs 1500 for estate workers

Daya Gamage proposes daily wage of Rs 1500 for estate workers

Written by Staff Writer

22 Dec, 2018 | 7:46 pm

Colombo (News1st) – A number of Ministers assumed duties in their new portfolios yesterday. Rauff Hakeem assumed duties as the Minister of City Planning, Water Supply and Higher Education last evening.

Speaking at the event the Minister noted that he did not know why the Prime Minister handed him such a troubling portfolio. He explained that there are at least 3 protests a week by students opposite the ministry and stated that they must face these issues and do their best to resolve them. He added “..My belief is that if a young individual does not become a revolutionist by the age of 20, his brain is dysfunctional. Likewise, if a man by the age of 40 becomes a revolutionist, his brain is also dysfunctional..”

Meanwhile, Daya Gamage assumed duties as the Minister of Labour, Trade Union Relations, and Social Empowerment yesterday. Addressing those gathered he noted that during the time of President R. Premadasa poverty levels went down to 24% as opposed to the current 41% who rely on Samurdhi benefits at present. He questioned how poverty levels can increase in a backdrop where a Social empowerment ministry exists and stated that he has taken up the position to look into these issues.

Speaking on the issues of estate worker’s salaries, Min. Gamage noted that he does not believe that there is anything wrong with plantation workers receiving Rs 1000 a day as long as they put in the work. He noted that there are some who are engaged in this protest who do not want to put in the work to earn this daily wage. He also stated that if the plantation workers put in the hours they could come up with a solution to pay a daily wage of Rs 1500 instead of Rs 1000.


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