UPFA issues a letter confirming membership of MPs

UPFA issues a letter confirming membership of MPs

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20 Dec, 2018 | 11:09 pm

Colombo (News1st): A question arose whether Mahinda Rajapaksa is still a Parliamentarian after he allegedly obtained the membership of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna.

According to views expressed by a group of MP’s opposing Mahinda Rajapaksa, his presence in parliament should be inquired by a parliament select committee, however, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s faction states that it is unnecessary. The question arose when Mahinda Rajapaksa was appointed as the Opposition Leader, parties that support the UNP led government expressed their views that Mahinda Rajapaksa cannot hold this position.

General Secretary of the UPFA Mahinda Amaraweera issued a letter to the Speaker stating that all MPs who were elected to the parliament through the previous election remain as members except for Geetha Kumarasinghe who resigned following a court order.

MP Susil Premajayantha noted that the SLFP party constitution does not stipulate that when membership is acquired in another party that person will lose his membership in SLFP. He noted that there should be a disciplinary inquiry that should be forwarded to a board and then the decision will be taken. He stated that thereafter the General Secretary of the SLFP has to inform the General Secretary of the parliament of this.

MP S.B. Dissanayake stated that they have not received any charge sheets and the leader of the party has not interdicted any one according to the party constitution. He added that the opposition leader former President Mahinda Rajapaksa remains as the part’s senior advisor.

MP Premajayantha noted that he did not travel anywhere on the 11th of November. He added that on that day at Mahinda Rajapaksa’s official residence he was given the task of compile few documents and the that group photos that were shown were pictures taken when he went there. He noted that the question here should be not the fact that they have obtained memberships in a party but the fact whether they have resigned from SLFP

MP Dissanayake agreed and added that they do not know whether they have been provided with the membership, but Basil Rajapaksa as the General Secretary of the SLPP has stated that they have not given the membership yet.

MP Prasanna Ranaveera and Roshan Ranasinghe have also denied that they obtained the membership in the SLPP.

UNP MP Mujibur Rahman commenting on the matter accused a number of UPFA members of conducting press conferences before an SLPP backdrop after obtaining it’s party membership. He added that they have now covered up these symbols with a black cloth.

Speaking on the issue UNP MP Professor Ashu Marasinghe stated they should stop deceiving the people at least now. He stated that they are hoping to lodge a complaint regarding this conspiracy against the state.”We can go to the CID, units of the police and also the bribery commission these complaints have to be made and these have to be investigated,” said MP Marasinghe.

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