The Basic Wedding Planning Checklist

The Basic Wedding Planning Checklist

The Basic Wedding Planning Checklist

Written by Staff Writer

18 Dec, 2018 | 4:18 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): When it comes to Weddings, it’s a whole new chapter – especially when it’s your own Wedding! Most of us feel lost when we have such a big event to plan- we do not know from where to start and what needs to be done first. This article gives you some tips and points on how to start off and the very basic things you need to do to make your Dream Wedding come true!

First and foremost you need to decide whether you are getting married in your home country or whether you will be hosting a destination wedding! If it’s a destination wedding then you need to first get the registration details of that particular country and also find out how many days before the Wedding you need to reside in that country- schedule your wedding and the vacation accordingly.

The planning could be done better if you know how many days or months you have exactly before the Merriment Day so that you could separate the dates for each task and carry-out the necessities with no stress! Here are some tips:

  • Start a Wedding Folder or a Binder

List out the things you need to do before the Day of the Ceremony. Start off with how many days you have in order to plan and get things done- like, say from January to March- you have this, this and this and so on. Do not keep anything for December- (in case you were hosting your wedding in December) keep the month free to relax and rest. Book a Spa day or go for something relaxing during that month and try to keep yourself stress-free and happy.

  • Fix your Budget-

Remember you have a Honeymoon to plan- do not over-do the Wedding so you would be stuck with a limited budget for your most romantic get-away. Take wise decisions and look into the contributions and the family traditions and how much you have to spend for yourself.

  • Select the party kind-

Fairytale Wedding, Beach Wedding or a Simple Wedding at the traditional family Church needs to be decided before planning on other important stuff. Even the Bridal Attire would depend on the place of the event.

  • Make a list of the guests invited-

Make sure you invite only those dear to you and who you would like to see on your Big Day. Make a head count and stick to the budget.

  • Reserve the Date and the Venue-

This needs to be done as soon as possible to get your favorite Venue for the Day. Sri Lanka is on the top list to host weddings- the venues may all be booked, so keep a track and reserve early.

  • Book a Salon, Hire a Photographer and Videographer-

To get the best one out there, be quick in deciding and book them a few months prior to your occasion.

Make sure you are comfortable with the Salon you choose and get a few trials.

Pre-Wedding photo shoots are a trend- this helps you get the perfect shots and the best captures that you would want to put in your Wedding Album. You need not tire yourself on the big Night to get the perfect picture.

  • The Internet is a great help-

Go through wedding sites and follow the magazines for the latest trends.

  • Shop for your Wedding Attire-

Select the outfit and get it designed few months before the Wedding- you do not want to be too late so the fittings cannot be perfect and you do not want to be too early so that the fashion-trend starts changing.

  • Book a Wedding Ride-

Limousines are a pretty common method of transport for Weddings- most couples are seen arriving at their wedding in a limousine or a luxury car while some even prefer classics. You need to make prior bookings, do some research and get the best in town Rental Service. Reserve a chauffeur too if necessary.

  • Caterers and other Vendors-

Most of the time Wedding Planner Service would help out the couples with the catering and other services. If you are not hiring a wedding planner, then word of mouth or internet reviews would be of great help.

  • Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out of town guests-

Since Sri Lanka is a holiday destination, hotels are booked through most of the year. Prior bookings would be healthy if you want to get rooms at your preferred hotel.

As soon as the tasks are completed mark them as done. When the Day is nearing, re-check your wedding folder or the binder to be sure that everything is done. Do not stress yourself as mistakes are bound to happen. How you handle them and react to the situation is what matters!

Have a great Wedding!

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