Everything You Need To Know Today

Everything You Need To Know Today

Everything You Need To Know Today

Written by Staff Writer

28 Nov, 2018 | 9:32 am

COLOMBO (News 1st) –

1. MP’s of the ruling party boycotted the parliamentary sessions held yesterday (November 28) in protest of the Speaker’s bias over the current political events.

2. Senior Manager of Security Operations at Sri Lankan Airlines, Titus Kannangara testifying before the PCOI yesterday (November 27) stated that between 2013 to 2018 the national carrier had paid Rs. 224 million as passenger compensation for mishandled baggage.

3. The JVP during parliament yesterday (November 28) stated once again that they would bring in a proposal to dissolve parliament as soon as the present conspiracy is defeated.

4. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa had promised to resolve issues faced by the fishing communities as soon as possible.

5. The Teacher Trade Unions stated that school textbooks required for the academic year 2019 have not yet been distributed to certain students.

6. A jewelry shop in Jaela was robbed last night (November 27) by armed men.

7. A fire had broken out at a textile shop in Kotahena last night (November 27).  The cause of the fire has not yet been identified.

8. The Railway Department announced that a new train engine and a power-set purchased from India is to arrive at the country soon.

9. The first ever missile and multi-barrel rocket launcher produced in Sri Lanka will be put up for display today(November 28) at the BMICH.

10. Upon recommendation of the National Police Commission 65 Police inspectors have been promoted as Superintendents of Police with immediate effect.


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