Tragic deaths of Ummu & Fathima; Human-elephant conflict unresolved

Tragic deaths of Ummu & Fathima; Human-elephant conflict unresolved

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23 Nov, 2018 | 8:08 pm

Colombo (News 1st) – There were protests staged today in the Mahiyangana Badulla main road over the death of 02 children due to the human-elephant conflict.

Although the issues faced by the people living in Maapaakada Mahiyanganaya due to the human-elephant conflict have been highlighted on numerous occasions, the relevant authorities have failed to address it.

What happened this time?

Ramesh who suffers from a disability lives with his wife and four daughters along with another daughter of a relative. While being a low-income family, their livelihood is paddy cultivation.

The mother of the children explained the tragic incidents which unfolded on the night before the daughters’ term tests.

She said that at around 10.20 PM an elephant put his trunk into the house and rammed the house. A villager added that there was paddy stacked inside the house and that this was the reason the elephant tried rummaging through the house.

The mother continued her mourning stating that she woke up her 4 daughters and ran to the garden. She stated that the elephant snatched one child and threw her away. She then stated that she was rolled and pressed up against the wall by the elephant while another daughter was snatched afterwards.

Continuing her story she stated that her daughters Ummu Rasiyath aged 11, and Fathima Riskath aged 8 were killed in a cornfield.

Ummu Rasiyath was living with her aunt after she was abandoned by her mother and when father was overseas.

32 houses have been destroyed in this village since the 7th of this month and no solution has been provided for.

The final rites for the two girls killed in the wild elephant attack were observed this evening.

Who will be held accountable for this tragedy?


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