TNA to support No-confidence against MR

TNA to support No-confidence against MR

Written by Staff Writer

03 Nov, 2018 | 10:35 pm

Colombo (News1st): The Tamil National Alliance has announced that it will vote in support of the No Confidence Motion to be brought against the Government and Mahinda Rajapaksa, who they claim has been unconstitutionally and illegally appointed as Prime Minister.

An announcement released by the party states remaining “neutral” in such a situation, would pave the way for achieving an undemocratic end by force. This decision was taken by the TNA at the Party leader meeting held last evening (November 02).

The TNA emphasized that the Gazette notification declaring that the Prime Minister has been removed and another Prime Minister appointed are unconstitutional and illegal.

The Tamil National Alliance also considers the President’s decision to prorogue Parliament made following the above actions as undemocratic and in violation of Parliamentary Supremacy.

It went onto note that after having declared as Prime Minister a member who does not command the confidence of Parliament, this had been done in order to create delay and prevent such members from having to prove a majority in Parliament.

The Tamil National Alliance strongly condemns and opposes the undemocratic efforts to use such delay to bribe Members of Parliament with both money and Ministerial posts to induce them to cross over in order to fraudulently obtain a majority in Parliament.

TNA strongly opposes and condemns Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament S. Viyalendran being a part of this conspiracy.

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