The frogs have come out to play

The frogs have come out to play

The frogs have come out to play

Written by Staff Writer

01 Nov, 2018 | 2:08 am

Colombo (News 1st) – Chairman of the All Ceylon Farmers Federation Namal Karunaratne says the issues faced by the farmers in Sri Lanka have now been hidden by the current political situation of the country.

Namal Karunaratne states that the problems of the people are swept under the carpet and under the current situation in the country the distribution of fertilizer is being delayed.

He stated that three forms are issued and one will be sent for the farmers to fill. He explains that these forms are all in English and it would be surprising if the grassroots level citizens of this country whose mother tongue is Sinhala be able to sign these forms or even better even understand where to sign in the form!

He stated that these forms were sent on the 15th of October and yet nothing has been done about while it is time to inject urea for the second time to the cultivation.

Namal Karunaratne stated that the farmers have been inconvenienced from all aspects but the leaders of this country simply do not care about these issues. He stated that their problems are centred around the Prime Ministerial position of the country and how to switch sides to the more beneficial party.

Karunaratne explained that with the onset of the monsoon the frogs who jump from one side to the other have come out to play.

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