Former President Nasheed returns to Maldives

by Staff Writer 01-11-2018 | 9:50 PM
Colombo (News1st): Former President of the Maldives, Mohammad Nasheed returned home to a heroes welcome today (November 01) as thousands took to the seas off Male and flooded the streets to welcome him. Nasheed was self exhiled in Sri Lanka for a number of years following his conviction in relations to terrorism charges. However, soon after the election victory of MDP candidate Ibrahim Soleih, Nasheed announced his intention of returning to his homeland. Earlier this week the Supreme Court of the Maldives issued a ruling which suspended the 13-year jail term of former President Nasheed. Thousands of screaming supporters took to the streets of Male to celebrate his arrival, Nasheed was flanked by the President-Elect of Maldives Soleih who made the trip to Sri Lanka yesterday (October 31) so that he could accompany Nasheed to Male. Supporters of the MDP flocked in their numbers as they overtook the streets of Male as Nasheed marched on towards his party head office. He later held a public rally during which he praised the people of Maldives for not backing down and demanding the leadership they deserve. He noted that both he and president-elect Soleih are indebted to the people of the Maldives.