UNP to sign an impeachment motion against President

UNP to sign an impeachment motion against President

Written by Staff Writer

28 Oct, 2018 | 11:14 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – UNP Parliamentarian Dr. Jayampathi Wickremeratne states that the manner in which Ranil Wickremesinghe was removed from the post of Prime minister is against the constitution. He stated the following ideas at a media briefing convened at temple trees this morning (October 28).

Jayawickrama said that as per Article 48 (2) the fate of the cabinet depends on the defeat of the appropriation bill or the budget proposal, or if there is an impeachment motion against the government passed in parliament and that only then can the cabinet be dissolved. He explained that it is only at such a situation that the post of Prime Minister is automatically removed.

Responding to an inquiry made by a journalist on the situation that arises when the UPFA withdraws from the government, he stated that Ranil Wickremesinghe was not appointed as the Prime Minister with a majority that he received from a national government.

“The parliamentary elections were held on the 17th of August 2015. The parliament was convened for the first time on the 1st of September. As soon as the election was over the president appointed Ranil Wickremesinghe, the person who has won the trust of the parliament, as the Prime Minister” added Jayawickrama.

He also continued to say that Ranil Wickremesinghe was not elected as the prime minister through the national government but was appointed before the proposal for a national government was even passed. Nowhere does it state that the government would be dissolved just because a party leaves a national government.

Meanwhile, another group of UNP MPs held a media briefing at temple trees. Addressing a media briefing, UNP MP, Sujeewa Senasinghe said that this is a political conspiracy to get hold of power. He urged the general public to not view the current issue from a political angle as the country is heading into a devastating situation.

“we have the support of 120 for sure. We are certain of 113. The TNA will support any structure they will receive the support of the TNA as well. The JVP will support a democratic framework” added MP Senasinghe.When inquired if there is any need for UNP to leave, he stated that there is no need for them to move out because Ranil is the legal prime minister.

UNP MP, Mujibur Rahuman said that an impeachment motion against the president is being signed and that Ranil does not have to leave just because MP Mahinda Amaraweera and the rest had left. He added that their protests will start on Tuesday and will continue thereafter and that if the president is not prepared to listen in a democratic way that they will have to take it to the general public.

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