Indian national arrested in connection to presidential assassination plot claims he is harassed by CID

Indian national arrested in connection to presidential assassination plot claims he is harassed by CID

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23 Oct, 2018 | 8:14 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Indian National arrested with regard to the alleged assassination plot of the President and the former defence Secretary provided a written statement to court that he is being harassed by the CID.

According to our correspondent, the arrested Indian National provided a 20-page document, written over three hours, to Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne. Following the submission of the document by the Indian national, who was identified as M. Thomas the CID Deputy Director was summoned before the court.

The magistrate had ordered that the suspect be produced before a judicial medical office prior to being taken by the CID. The Indian National had pleaded with the magistrate not to send him back with the CID. The court, however, said that it can act only as per the provisions of the law and the suspect was handed over to the CID.

Meanwhile, The brother of the Indian National has told the Indian Express that anyone who interacted with Thomas would know that he is not of sound mind and has a physical disability. The court granted permission to send the mobile phone of Operations director of the Anti-Corruption Movement Namal Kumara to Hong-Kong with regard to the telephone conversations said to have been deleted.

The CID informed court today (October 23) according to the Government Analyst, that out of the 124 voice clips, 123 matched with the voice of the Former DIG of the TID Nalaka De Silva and Namal Kumara. The CID made revelations about a fake Facebook account created using the official laptop of former DIG Nalaka De Silva and the propaganda that was done through it.

The Magistrate ordered that the said laptop be sent to the government analyst. The CID questioned Nalaka De Silva today as well.

The lawyer representing Namal Kumara, Attorney at Law Maithri Gunaratne said that even when there is adequate evidence, DIG Nalaka De Silva not being arrested is due to undue external pressure. Gunarathne said that the former DIG receives benefits like no other suspect in the country and that there is no clear investigation on the matter. He added that the CID is in a process of making the complainant the defendant.

The CID revealed in court that Namal Kumara had worked in the Sri Lanka Airforce and had not legally retired. He had then worked at the Sri Lanka Army and thereafter also worked at Avant Garde Security Services. The CID requested permission to provide a statement as per Section 127 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to uncover details whether or not Namal Kumara was an accomplice in the alleged assassination plot.

The court ordered that such a statement can only be made if the suspect makes a requirement and since neither Namal Kumara nor his lawyer made such a request, the court rejected the request of the CID.

The lawyer appearing on behalf of Nalaka De Silva, Attorney-at-Law Ajith Pathirana commenting on the matter said that the complainant, Namal Kumara was removed from the Airforce and the army for producing forged documents. Expressing matters on Namal Kumara’s credibility the lawyer said that the first issue rises when his payments were delayed and that those who can’t bear with the former DIG’s talents are the ones who work against him.

Meanwhile, expressing views on the matter, Leader of the Democratic Left Front, Vasudeva Nanayakkara said that the President himself says that the Minister of Law and Order is responsible for the investigations being slow.

Nanayakkara also said that the president is reprimanding the UNP and that certain people in that party are looking it as if it is a minor issue. He added that it is clear that the attempt to entangle RAW into this is to mislead the investigations.

When the President says he did not make such a statement what right does an Indian Newspaper have to certify that the President of this country actually did say so?

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