What do you do when boredom strikes?

What do you do when boredom strikes?

What do you do when boredom strikes?

Written by Staff Writer

18 Oct, 2018 | 5:13 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – So, quick question, what do you exactly do when you’re bored??

Well, you might probably have 101 things on your list, but when you actually are bored, you literally have nothing to do!!!!!

But, have a quick read and see if these will help you.

1. Go on a walk.
A pretty hard move for most people with the new era of digital equipment. But, challenge yourself to leave your cell phone in your purse or pocket and admire the view.

2. Organise something.
You don’t tackle a huge project like your closet, but instead, you can opt for something manageable. For example, the spice cabinet in your kitchen, the overcrowded bookshelf, the shoe racks etc. The more things are sorted the more boredom leaves you.

3. Do your laundry.
Quite interesting way to quit boredom.

4. Make something
Cooking kills boredom. Everyone loves food, just try out stuff, gets quite interesting after a while.

5. Paint your nails.
Well, girls, you can try out on this if you are bored.

6. Watch music videos.

7. Change up your décor scheme.
Restructure the way things are kept in your house.

8. Read a book.
There could be a book lying around your house that you’ve never read

9. Call an old friend
Everybody has that friend you haven’t talked to in forever. Go ahead and catch up with them.

10. Do a puzzle.
Or even a crossword! You can get in most of the newspapers.


Trust me boredom kills, it really does. Try these out to beat the addiction of being bored every single time.

Eventually, you are going to get bored doing any one of these, so skip to the next one. If you are done with all of it, revert back to the first one!!!

Good luck trying these out!!!!

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