A “virus” in the UNP – revelation by Ravi K.

A “virus” in the UNP – revelation by Ravi K.

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09 Oct, 2018 | 1:50 am

COLOMBO (News 1st): Colombo Chief Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake has ruled that it is illegal for MP Ravi Karunanayake to be named as a suspect, with regard to the investigation that has been initiated into an allegation that he provided false testimony before the Bond Commission.

The Colombo Chief Magistrate noted that while the Criminal Investigations Department has made submissions to the court, no case has been filed at present under Sri Lanka’s code of criminal procedures. As such, Dissanayake concluded that the steps taken by the CID to name Karunanayake as a suspect is illegal. However, the Chief Magistrate ordered the CID to continue with its investigation into Ravi Karunanayake.

Chief Magistrate Dissanayake also stated in court that the CID is authorised to obtain the Board of Directors’ reports of the Company reportedly owned by Karunanayake for the purpose of this investigation. The CID was ordered to report on the progress of the investigation on the 22nd of October.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the “Irida Lankadeepa” newspaper, MP Ravi Karunanayake claimed that two or three individuals within the UNP have become a virus within the party.

He said that 80 to 85% of the party is working in unity, while a small group is working to undermine this unity. According to Karunanayake, party leader Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is accountable for this state of affairs. The MP claimed that those within his own party were trying to crucify him. He added that he would divulge the names of these persons in the near future, adding that the party will only have a future if this virus is removed.

Furthermore, Karunanayake claims that former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge is engaged in a program to destroy the UNP.

In this interview with the newspaper, Karunanayake has also claimed that Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge, who brought negative growth in the economy along with individuals like Mano Tittawela and Thilan Wijesinghe, is repeating this course of action in the present.

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