Final results released : President Yameen concedes defeat

Final results released : President Yameen concedes defeat

Final results released : President Yameen concedes defeat

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24 Sep, 2018 | 9:30 am

Colombo (News1s1) : The 2018 Maldivian Presidential election.

Eligible voters : 262,135
Ballot boxes: 472 in the Maldives, 2 in Sri Lanka, 1 each in India, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.
Candidates: incumbent President Abdulla Yameen and Joint Opposition’s Ibrahim Mohamed Solih


1:30pm: President Abdulla Yameen of the Maldives has conceded defeat in the Maldivian Presidential election.

10:55am: The Maldivian foreign affairs ministry has announced the final results of the Maldivian presidential election.

“Maldivian Democratic Party candidate MP Hon Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, wins the Presidential Elections, with 134,616 votes. Of 262,135 eligible voters, 233,877 voters cast their votes at the 472 ballot boxes. This is a voter turnout of 89.22%”


9:35 am: The US State Department has also issued a release on the Maldivian Presidential election.

“..The United States congratulates the people of the Maldives, who peacefully raised their democratic voices to determine the future of their country. Although the Election Commission has not yet announced the final tally, we note Maldives’ media and NGO reports that the Joint Opposition candidate has secured a victory following a peaceful day of polling. We urge calm and respect for the will of the people as the election process concludes…”

9:30am : The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has issued a release congratulating Ibrahim Solih for his election victory.

“..We welcome the successful completion of the third Presidential election process in the Maldives which, according to preliminary information, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has won. We heartily congratulate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on his victory and hope that the Election Commission will officially confirm the result at the earliest.

This election marks not only the triumph of democratic forces in the Maldives but also reflects the firm commitment to the values of democracy and the rule of law. In keeping with our ‘Neighbourhood First’ Policy, India looks forward to working closely with the Maldives in further deepening our partnership…”

2:00 am: The Maldivian elections commission has announced that the official result will be released by the 30th of September (7 days after the election). Reports are emerging that MDP supporters have taken to the street to celebrate their candidate’s victory and are calling on the President to concede

within seven days as required by law. As I have said before, the official result will be announced before September 30, Sunday.

1:30am: Latest Tally

Abdulla Yameen: 41.6% (84,151 votes)
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih: 58.4% (118,326 votes)
Counted boxes: 437 /472
Turnout: 205,230 / 262,135

12:45 am: Shortly after the official announcement in Male, former President Mohammad Nasheed spoke to the International media in Colombo and thanked the Government of Sri Lanka for providing safe haven to them.


12:45 am: Opposition candidate Ibrahim Solih declared victory on National television and called on President Yameen to respect the will of the people and ensure a smooth transition of power.

12:18am:   200,771 votes counted
Joint Opposition Solih : 58.21%
President Yameen : 41.79%

12:08am:   195,161 votes counted
Joint Opposition Solih : 58.25%
President Yameen : 41.75%

11:54pm:   190,654 votes counted
Joint Opposition Solih : 58.26%
President Yameen : 41.74%

11:20pm: Opposition activists claim that over 100 voters continue to remain at the Maldivian HC in Colombo waiting to cast their vote.

11:19pm:   160,011 votes counted
Joint Opposition Solih : 58.14%
President Yameen : 41.86%

11:07pm:   152,316 votes counted
Joint Opposition Solih : 57.77%
President Yameen : 42.23%

10:45pm:   124,578 votes counted
Joint Opposition Solih : 57.50%
President Yameen : 42.50%

10:29pm:   100,310 votes counted
Joint Opposition Solih : 57.58%
President Yameen : 42.42%

10:20pm:   92,280 votes counted
Joint Opposition Solih : 57.48%
President Yameen :42.52%

10:10pm:  Rajje Tv reports that 69,900 votes ( out of 262,135 votes ) have been counted and that opposition  candidate Solih has 57.26% of the votes while incumbent president Yameen has 42.74%

8.30pm: Polling closed without any major incidents being reported.  The joint opposition claims voter turnout was at 85%.

4.15pm: The Maldivian Elections Commission has decided to extend the deadline for voting till 7pm due to the long queues reported at polling stations. Polling was scheduled to end at 4pm.

3.15pm: Voting for the 2018 Maldivian presidential election begins in London

2.50pm: Long lines to the polling booth in London as well

2.30pm: Long lines continue to be present in polling booths in Colombo and Kuala Lumpur.

12.30pm:  While voters were seen struggling to get into the embassy to cast their vote here in Colombo, similar reports are emerging from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia according to Maldivian media

12.15pm: Scenes from the polling booth set up at the Maldivian High Commission in Colombo

12.00 noon: Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom cast his vote in the ballot box stationed in the prison facility on Maafushi island.

11.48am: Former Maldivian Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon states that Maldivian voters in Colombo stand in queues for nearly one and a half hours to cast their vote.


11.40am: Maldivian media reports suggest that officials assigned to some polling stations are casting votes for people with special needs. There are also allegations that the voting ink that is being used for the election disappears quickly from voters’ fingers after casting their ballots.

11.25am: Polls have commenced after a short lapse in Vaikaradhoo island. Maldivian media also reports delays in the polling booth located in the  Thinadhoo island of Gaaf Dhaalu atoll due to issues relating to tabs. Here is a look at the long lines seen near polling booths in Male.

11.10am: Maldivian media reports suggest that authorities have halted the use of controversial tablets due to issues in the devices. Media reports also suggest that polls have been halted in one of the two ballot boxes stationed in Vaikaradhoo island of Haa Dhaalu atoll due to slow internet access and inoperative tablet computers.

10.45am: Voting began at 8am and long ques were seen in Male as voters headed to the poll early on. Both President Abdulla Yasmeen and Opposition Candidate Ibrahim Solih have cast their vote.

2,788 eligible voters are to cast their votes in Sri Lanka.



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