Philippine landslide forces over 1,000 to evacuate

Philippine landslide forces over 1,000 to evacuate

Philippine landslide forces over 1,000 to evacuate

Written by Reuters

23 Sep, 2018 | 5:40 pm

Reuters – More than 1,000 residents have evacuated in the central Philippines after a deadly landslide on Thursday morning killed at least 29 people and buried dozens underneath debris near a limestone quarry on Cebu island.

The landslide in Naga City has forced many families out of their homes. Some of them fear returning home could endanger their lives, while others have no home to return to. Jeffrey Lapis was injured in the landslide and limps a little when he walks, but he says it’s nothing compared to what could have happened to him had he not been quick enough.

“I ran as soon as I saw the landslide coming. I got injured but I just kept running. I saw my house disappear,” he said. Like Jeffrey, Jenny Dahuya is grateful that she and her children survived the disaster.

“Me and my four children and husband just stayed inside our house until the landslide ended,” said the woman.

It’s most likely that the quarrying activities, which had been carried out near the landslide area, have endangered the lives of residents there. Everyone living within the vicinity of the landslide, even those who didn’t lose their homes have been asked to evacuate. Many families have taken shelter in a gymnasium, while others moved in with relatives.

Despite the suspension of quarrying operations at the site and in several regions across the country, authorities say they can’t say for sure when residents can return or if they will ever be able to.

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