Field Marshal Fonseka goes after Army commander

Field Marshal Fonseka goes after Army commander

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11 Sep, 2018 | 1:20 am

Colombo (News1st) – The Sri Lanka Army issued a release yesterday, saying that it strongly condemns criticisms, attributing to the government, Ministry of Defence and the command of the Army, which are intended to serve personal and political agendas.

Minister of Wildlife Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka spoke on the matter at an event in Kelaniya. “the current Army Commander was a brigadier who was in charge of several files when I was fighting the war” Fonseka stated, adding that he is the only army commander who “reached that post without going to military school”.

“He was to retire as the fourth in the Army. He reached this position because of the actions of the others, and not because he was talented,” said FM Sarath Fonseka.

The Field Marshal also said that the Army Commander is expressing ideas undermining people who have made many sacrifices. He added: “The army always supports the religious places. This army commander has stopped all of that. He has to learn to comb his hair first as a respectable state sector employee. He is bald like Idi Amin. I have not seen army commanders like this anywhere else in the world.”

National security or something personal?

When questioned if FM Fonseka’s statement was more personal than about ‘National Security’, The Minister of Wildlife stated that, even if it is over a personal matter, what is important is whether these factors are true.

“Tell anyone to speak if those points are false. He is saying that the army will be the correct size. We won after making it the right size.” he added.

When asked if the Defence Secretary, President and the Prime Minister are unaware of these facts, FM Fonseka said:

“The Army Commanders should usually advice them. If this person is providing the wrong advice the president and the prime minister cannot be blamed.”

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