UPDATE : 3 police officers arrested in Ingiriya

UPDATE : 3 police officers arrested in Ingiriya

UPDATE : 3 police officers arrested in Ingiriya

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29 Jul, 2018 | 3:01 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Three Police Officers of the Ingiriya Police have been arrested for unlawfully arresting two individuals. According to a spokesperson for the Police, the arrested Police officers had unlawfully arrested an Army soldier and a disabled individual in Ingiriya last night. (July 28)

The two young men who were illegally arrested were released after area residents gathered at the police station and engaged in a protest demanding their release.

One of the victims was admitted to the Ingiriya hospital.

“They asked for my NIC, I said I hadn’t brought it but that my house was close by. They didn’t listen to any of that. Then they told me and my friend that they were taking us to the Ingiriya police. They asked us not to turn off anywhere or speed or they would shoot us. They brought us to the police station and took away the keys to the motorcycle. They beat me and my friend. They asked whether I was from the army, I said yes. They asked me to bring the leave sheet and I said it was in my purse. They hit me again. They threw us into a cell and said they would let us go if we told the truth. At that time the villagers came here. There was no entry against us, they did not record any statement from us”   stated the arrested soldier.

The wounded soldier was transferred to the Horana Hospital for further treatment. Police Media Spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekara confirmed that the three police officers had been under the influence of alcohol during the incident.

The suspects are a Sub-Inspector, Sergeant and Constable attached to the Ingiriya Police. The media spokesperson noted that the suspects have been interdicted and that the law will be strictly enforced against them.

Since the incident had occurred within the premises of the Ingiriya Police Station, the Officer in Charge is also being investigated.

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