Courts of Ecuador orders arrest of Former President

Courts of Ecuador orders arrest of Former President

Courts of Ecuador orders arrest of Former President

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04 Jul, 2018 | 3:49 pm

Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa was ordered to be arrested by courts on Tuesday (July 3) due to him been allegedly involved in the kidnapping of an opponent in 2012.

Although such allegations were mounted against the Former President who now resides in Belgium with his wife, Mr Correa strongly denied his involvement in the act. The order was passed by Judge Daniella Camacho alerting Interpol to get the Former President extradited with immediate effect.

The kidnapping was centered upon Former lawmaker Fernando Balda who had been kidnapped when he had fled to Colombia to escape the surging tension created with Mr Correa. The former president that led the country between the period of 2007 and 2017 is accused of having acted as the mastermind behind the abduction.

The orders passed by the judge stating to appear in courts in Quito to assist an investigation into the kidnapping claim was allegedly ignored by the Former President and he had instead taken measures to present himself at the Ecuadorian consulate in Brussels, which was considered as a violation of orders.

However, the ex-president reiterates that he had completely nothing to do with the act of abduction as he is accused.

Mr Correa recently tweeted saying that the request to take him into custody was made without a “single piece of evidence” and he further added saying “How much success will this farce have at the international level? Don’t worry, everything is a matter of time. We will win!”

Instead, he continues to accuse the former deputy president and current president Lenin Moreno to having artfully constructed a campaign against him, since they weren’t in good terms, following Mr. Moreno’s election in May 2017 where the left wing leaders that had once been allied, split very publicly.

Caupolican Ochoa, the lawyer in favour of Mr Correa had made a statement that the decision passed was arbitrary, and that the accusers are out for revenge rather than justice also that he would surely appeal. Three Police intelligence agents, an ex-police commander and former top intelligence official, arrested in Spain last month had already been issued with arrest warrants.

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