Benicio Del Toro gets ‘rehabilitated’ in ‘Sicario 2’

Benicio Del Toro gets ‘rehabilitated’ in ‘Sicario 2’

Benicio Del Toro gets ‘rehabilitated’ in ‘Sicario 2’

Written by Reuters

25 Jun, 2018 | 5:02 pm

REUTERS – Benicio Del Toro told Reuters on Saturday (June 23) that “Sicario 2: Soldado” sees his killer character on the road to rehab.

The actor who plays Alejandro, a government consultant with a questionable past, says his character has a moral mirror reflecting his actions back to show “he’s becoming exactly like those men he despised.”

In the second film, Alejandro’s skillset is employed once again by an elite U.S. government task force official (Josh Brolin) in a bid to start a war between rival Mexican drugs/people-trafficking cartels. The authorities plan to kidnap the teenage daughter of one of the cartel leaders, but it backfires. Alejandro is left on his own with the girl to survive the various establishments after them.

In the first film, Del Toro’s character had lost his own daughter to drug cartel violence. Asked whether “Soldado 2” is indicative of America’s use of violence abroad, the actor agreed: “They failed. They went on a hint and with an idea and it just blew up on their faces.”

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