Greece to reopen four refugee camps

Greece to reopen four refugee camps

Greece to reopen four refugee camps

Written by Reuters

20 Jun, 2018 | 10:35 am

REUTERS – Greece’s Ministry for Migration Policy has decided to reopen four refugee camps to accommodate the rising number of refugees who are choosing Greece as their entry point into Europe.

Three of the four refugee camps that will reopen are located around Athens, the country’s capital, while the fourth camp is located near Volvi Lake, around 40 kilometres east of Thessaloniki, the country’s second-largest city.

About 60 small tents have been set up in the refugee camp near Volvi Lake. The camp is estimated to take in 400 refugees.

According to a local villager named Kostas, the refugee camp near Volvi Lake was first built in 2016 but closed within less than a year because of the camp’s rudimentary facilities.

“There have been no improvements to the rebuilt refugee camp. There are still simple tents. The refugees will leave soon after entering the camp.” – Kostas (Villager)

The four refugee camps will be put into operation within one week and will be able to receive about 1,500 refugees.

Greece and Italy are usually the first port of entry for refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, as they are located on the Mediterranean Sea. However, Italy has recently strengthened control of its coastal area to prevent refugees from landing on the country’s shores.

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