AG to decide on releasing redacted document in Bond Report

AG to decide on releasing redacted document in Bond Report

AG to decide on releasing redacted document in Bond Report

Written by Nathasha De Alwis

03 Jun, 2018 | 11:16 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Attorney General’s Department says that a final decision on publishing a document contained within in the report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on Bond Issuance will be announced this week.

Activists claimed recently that the document in question ‘C 350’ – contains sensitive information regarding persons who had received monetary gratification from the company at the centre of the bond scam inquiry.

Attorney General Jayantha Jayasuriya said his department was looking into whether publishing the document in question would in any way compromise the ongoing investigation into the bond scam. Jayasuriya stated that after studying the matter, he would communicate his conclusions to the Secretary to the President. He added that Speaker Karu Jayasuriya had also inquired from him regarding publishing the document numbered C 350.

Issuing a statement, the Department of National Archives noted that the Criminal Investigations Department is in possession of the original copy of appendix 2 of the bond report. The statement reads that these documents were entrusted to the CID following an order issued by the Fort Magistrate’s Court on the Secretary to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on the Bond Issuance.

Who received money from PTL?

The Central Bank bond scam is widely considered to be the single largest incident of financial fraud in the country. Information is now coming to light on gratification offered by the suspect company Perpetual Treasuries to public representatives.

Several MP’s commented on the matter today as well. Here are some of the responses received today to the question “Did you receive money from Perpetual Treasuries?”

UPFA MP Dr. Ramesh Pathirana stated that in truth he thinks it is shameful to even ask that question from him as he believes that any MP who has taken money from the companies involved in the corrupt bond scam have no moral right to remain in politics in the country.

According to MP Bandula Gunawardena of UPFA, his name is also with the bond commission as he went before the commission and testified against rogues. He added that he can guarantee that he did not receive a red cent either monetarily or otherwise from the rogues who broke into the economic hub of this country.

State Minister of Fisheries & Aquatic Resource Development, Dilip Wedaarachchi stated that Sajith Premadasa and Dilip Wedaarachchi from the Hambantota District are clean people and they do not need to take money from anyone to do politics as they have their personal wealth.

A.H.M. Haleem, Minister Postal Services & Muslim Religious Affairs said that he does not have a habit of taking money and that he entered politics to help the people and not to take money from the people.

MP Keheliya Rambukwella of the UPFA stated that he has not accepted anything from anyone nor does he hope to take anything from anyone. He added that if it is not divulged as to who the 118 who have been charged are, then suspicion will be cast on all 225MPs, so it is the responsibility and a duty of the Honourable Speaker to reveal to the country who the innocent persons are.


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