Sirasa Shakthi Sahana Yathra reach Ratnapura and Puttalam districts on Day 2

Sirasa Shakthi Sahana Yathra reach Ratnapura and Puttalam districts on Day 2

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25 May, 2018 | 11:12 pm

The Sirasa-Shakthi Sahana Yathra aid convoys carrying relief donated by the public for flood-stricken communities departed for two districts today (May 25) on the Day two of its operation. The convoy departed Colombo following religious observances held at the Shakya Malakaya opposite the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited Head Office.

One convoy headed towards Nattandiya and Mahawewa administrative divisions in the Puttalam District where thousands of people have been affected by the floods caused by the ongoing weather conditions. Heavy rains persisted even as the convoys made their way to the destination. Members of a disaster-stricken community gathered in the village of Thummodara anticipating the arrival of the much-needed aid.

“The rains have had a severe impact on your lives but now it is time to rebuild. We cannot let our humanity be washed away by the rain. We hope the Sirasa, Shakthi, News 1st Sahana Yathra will help you to weather the storm and work towards rebuilding your lives. We pray that you see love and light restored to your lives.” Priyantha Wijesinghe, Director of Public Relations – The Capital Maharaja Organisation Ltd

The second aid convoy departed for Ratnapura, carrying the donations of the public while braving treacherous roads to reach flood-stricken communities. Here our team reached a the Damoluwana village, one of the worst affected areas. Officers of the Ratnapura Police Life Saving Unit joined hands with News 1st to assist in the distribution of aid.

Members of the public rallied to the MTV/MBC Network Head Office on Braybrooke Place for the third consecutive day, bringing donations for the Sirasa Shakthi Sahana Yathra convoys.

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