Debate on Audit bill postponed

Debate on Audit bill postponed

Debate on Audit bill postponed

Written by Ramesh Irugalbandara

11 May, 2018 | 10:06 am

Colombo (News1st) – The debate on the National audit bill which was to take place in Parliament today (May 11) has been postponed.

General Secretary of Parliament Dhammika Dassanayake noted that a decision had been taken to postpone the debate during the last party leaders meeting. He added that this decision comes at a time when Speaker Karu Jayasuriya had urged the members of parliament to expedite the debate on the National Audit Bill.

When News1st inquired into why the debate has been postponed, Minister Lakshman Kiriella stated that there have been numerous calls from state sector officials to change certain clauses in the bill. He added that based on this request the debate on the bill was postponed.

The National Audit bill was one of the cornerstones of the 2015 Presidential campaign as well the election manifestoes for the general election. However even after 3 years and numerous amendments to the bill, it has not received its opportunity to be debated and adopted by the house of legislature.



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