Texas deploys National Guard to Mexican border

Texas deploys National Guard to Mexican border

Texas deploys National Guard to Mexican border

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07 Apr, 2018 | 2:16 pm

Texas became the first state to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border of the United States yesterday (April 6).

The decision was made after the White House made a statement on Tuesday (April 3) night saying that Trump has planned to deploy the National Guard troops to the southern border to confront what the President described as “the growing threat of illegal immigrants, drugs, and crime from Central America.”

According to a statement made by Trump’s advisor on Monday (April 2), he was preparing new legislation to block migrants and asylum seekers, including young unaccompanied children from entering the US.

But in remarks on Tuesday (April 3) that caught some of his top advisers by surprise, he suggested that the more drastic approach is sending in the military to do what immigration authorities could not do.

Speaking to reporters during a news conference, Trump described existing immigration laws as lax and ineffective and called for militarizing the border with Mexico to prevent an influx of Central American migrants he said were ready to stream across it.

“We have horrible, horrible and very unsafe laws in the United States, we are preparing for the military to secure our border between Mexico and the United States.”

A National Guard spokesman stated that 250 personnel would be sent to patrol the area within the next 72 hours. Arizona has also announced that it is planning to deploy 150 troops there next week.

President Trump earlier stated that he wants to send up to 4,000 members of the National Guard to secure the border with Mexico until his proposed border wall is built.

The states of New Mexico and California have been asked to take similar actions. 


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