Web Journalists condemn intimidation of MTV/ MBC

Web Journalists condemn intimidation of MTV/ MBC

Web Journalists condemn intimidation of MTV/ MBC

Written by Staff Writer

07 Apr, 2018 | 11:29 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The National Movement of Web Journalist’s – Sri Lanka issuing a release this morning (April 7), said it vehemently condemns the efforts to intimidate the staff at the MTV network.

The movement says it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to work with an open mind, taking into consideration the dangerous message that is hidden behind these incidents.

Public representatives also expressed views regarding the mob attack on MTV/MBC head office complex.

Former Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa:

“We condemn that act. This is not something that is new to the United National Party. Every politician needs to be able to tolerate the opposing views. The government hopes to bend the media to their side through actions of this nature. Or else they want to silence the media. You cannot control the emotions of the people by doing such things.”

UPFA MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara:

“We have to remind the general public that this is yet another incident in the history where the UNP tries to suppress the media of this country. The media has a right and the freedom to decide what they reveal. The people of this country will condemn this act if that freedom is attacked using mobs, and if a media institution is surrounded. The people who respect that freedom will condemn this act. We as a political party would like to request the people to step forward to protect the freedom of the media, while condemning this threat that was leveled against Sirasa.”

Minister of Rural Economic Affairs P. Harrison:

“We do not accept this act. If there was a victory, there is a way to celebrate that victory. We should not go back to what happened in the past. I am saddened if something happened to a private property of someone. As a party this is something that should not happen.”

Former Opposition Leader, Kelaniya PS Sumangala Samaraweera:

“We are saddened about the what happened to Sirasa after the no-confidence motion. We did not hope for this under the good governance government. Do not turn this good governance into bad governance. We ask this from the prime minister.”

UPFA General Secretary Mahinda Amaraweera:

“The law should be enacted against them. Media freedom is something that the people of this country need. No party or leader can allow such things to happen. We will act strongly against such instances. We will act to the best of our ability to take action against this.”


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