Why did some SLFP Ministers support NCM?

Why did some SLFP Ministers support NCM?

Why did some SLFP Ministers support NCM?

Written by Staff Writer

06 Apr, 2018 | 1:34 am

Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ministers who voted in favor of the no confidence motion (NCM)and who were not present when the vote took place, convened two separate media briefings today (April 5th).

Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara was a member of the SLFP that voted in favor of the NCM, he said that the he and a group of other Ministers who voted in the NCM, met with the President and expressed their willingness to step down from their posts if necessary.

Meanwhile State minister Dilan Perera reiterated that the official decision of the SLFP parliamentary group was to vote in favor of the NCM. He noted that the majority view of the Parliamentary Group when the motion was presented, was to call for the dismissal of the PM.

Meanwhile over in the other camp of SLFP Ministers, Min. Vijith Vijayamuni Zoysa stated that President Maithripala Sirisena had them to reach a consensus adding that it is the responsibility of the Government, Prime Minister and President to ensure that the country is in a stable situation.

Minister of Ports and Shipping, Mahinda Samarasinghe speaking at the media briefing stated that the President did not have a hand in a group of Ministers supporting the NCM.



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