US Secretary of State fired by President Donald Trump

US Secretary of State fired by President Donald Trump

By Hansi Sandeepika

13 Mar, 2018 | 9:10 pm

Donald Trump has fired Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of United States and replaced him with Mike Pompeo, the CIA  Director.

Following the changes to the Secretary of State position, the US President tweeted and thanked the former for his commitment while stating that the new Secretary would do a ‘fantastic job’.

Tillerson was appointed to the office a year ago. According to the senior White House officials, President Trump and Rex Tillerson the had difficulties working with each other following the upcoming North Korea round of discussions.

Donald Trump has later admitted that he did not consult the Secretary of State then, as he made the decision to accept the North Korean invite for the discussions, however, made the decision by himself. Further to that, he commented that “Mike Pompeo (the new Secretary of State) and I are always on the same wavelength”.

The reports from White House state that the US president requires a new team of officials in order prepare for the significant the talks with North Korea which is due to be held by May.