Myanmar forces construct military bases in Rohingya villages

Myanmar forces construct military bases in Rohingya villages

By Hansi Sandeepika

13 Mar, 2018 | 9:04 pm

Amnesty International accuses that Myanmar forces are constructing military bases in Rohingya villages. These accusations are made based on the satellite images and the eyewitness of Rohingya refugees.

It further accuses the government forces have bulldozed houses in the area and started constructing three new military facilities since last January in the Rakhine state,

The Myanmar forces grabbed Rohingya lands and burnt their houses during the violence period from August in the year 2017. Following the crackdown by Myanmar armed forces, around 700,000 people who belong to the Rohingya community have fled Myanmar and sought refuge in neighboring Bangladesh. 

The violence committed against the minority Muslim community Rohingya has been referred as the crimes under international law by United Nations Human Rights officials.

UN human rights officials condemn the Myanmar government stating the government did not intervene to stop violence in Rakhine state and hold the government accountable for the crimes committed under the international law.