Further revelations on the infamous MiG deal

Further revelations on the infamous MiG deal

Further revelations on the infamous MiG deal

Written by Nathasha De Alwis

18 Mar, 2018 | 9:15 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The ‘Sunday Times’ has made some startling revelations into the nearly three-year investigation by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division into the procurement of MiG-27 fighter jets for the Sri Lanka Air Force.

The ‘Sunday Times’ reports that the purchase of MIG aircraft for Sri Lanka touted as a “Government-to-Government” Agreement between Ukrinmarsh, a military goods export firm in Ukraine, and the Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF), has turned out to be a fraudulent document.

The article reports that The FCID has said that the Ukrainian Prosecutor General has confirmed that there has been a financial misappropriation in the deal.

The FCID team led by Senior DIG Ravi Waidyalankara who traveled to Kiev in search of answers met with Ukranian prosecutor general and officials from UKrinmarsh.

When the FCID raised questions about the sale of MIG aircraft, officials of Ukrinmarsh had responded by stating that they had never sold MIG aircraft to Sri Lanka.

According to the ‘Sunday Times’ reports that the so-called contract of July 26th, 2006 between Sri Lanka Air Force and Ukrinmarsh was false.

Ukrinmarsh had revealed that they had sold aircraft to Bellimissa Holdings.

The FCID has uncovered that Bellimissa holdings is a front company for Singapore based D.S. Alliance and it’s Managing Director Lee Than Soo

The reports note that the FCID was able to uncover that the Ukrainian authorities had signed two different agreements with Singapore based D.S. Alliance to which the air force had made payments.

The Sunday times quoting the FCID investigation report notes,

“It has been observed that the director of Ukrinmarsh Dmitry Alexandrovich, Sri Lanka’s former ambassador to Russia Udayanga Weeratunga, the Singaporean company D.S. alliance Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director Lee Thian Soo, Bellimissa holdings Ltd representative Kykola Kuldyrkaive and Sri Lankan air force officials have been involved in the financial misappropriation and conspiracy and aiding and abetting in misappropriation.”

The ‘Sunday Times’ also reports that the original “fake” agreement has gone missing from the Air Force Headquarters. The FCID has identified the individual they believe who is responsible for this incident and is consulting the AG’s department on what action they could take.

Funds from the SLAF have gone to Bellimissa Holdings Limited. From there, the funds have been remitted to a secret account in the British Virgin Islands where the company had been incorporated.

FCID investigations have revealed that Dmitry Alexandrovich, then a Director of Ukrinmarsh, had signed on behalf of Ukrinmarsh. He had fled Ukraine thereafter. The Ukrainian authorities tracked him down at a Paris address and arrested him.


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