Thousands of refugees escape Eastern Ghouta in fear of life

Thousands of refugees escape Eastern Ghouta in fear of life

Thousands of refugees escape Eastern Ghouta in fear of life

Written by Staff Writer

16 Mar, 2018 | 6:29 pm

The Syrian state media says the civilians started fleeing rebel-held Eastern Ghouta area as the government forces marched in.  According to SOHR (UK based Syrian Observatory Human Rights group), around 12,000 civilians have escaped the Hamoriya town of Eastern Ghouta since Thursday (15th March) morning following the heavy air strikes.

State tv images showed that the civilians were walking miles along the road looking for shelters with their families and children. The UN children’s agency assisted by putting up three shelters for families and children in the suburb area of Damascus.

Civilians fleeing Eastern Ghouta

The Red Cross agency has confirmed CNN that they did not involve in assisting the escaping civilians which are considered to be a massive evacuation since the year 2016.

According to SOHR, one of the major rebel groups, Faylaq al Rahman withdrew from Hamoriya town of Eastern Ghouta as the Syrian military moved in. However, a spokesperson for rebel group Faylaq al Rahman denied that they withdrew, instead accused the government forces of using the escaping civilians as human shields.

The civil war in Eastern Ghouta started in the year 2012, however, the government forces intensified attacks against the rebels recently causing severe damages to the civilians as well. During the recent attacks, around 1,000 civilians have been killed. The Syrian government forces kept continuing heavy air-strikes and bombardment against the rebel groups despite the UN call for a ceasefire.

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