UNP leadership shows incapability: T.V.K. Gamini

'The leadership of the UNP showed incapability through the defeat at LG polls' - T.V.K. Gamini

by Staff Writer 14-03-2018 | 10:18 PM
COLOMBO (News 1st) - The United National Party suffered its 30th election defeat under its current leadership at the recently concluded Local Government Election. In the wake of the latest election defeat, the Party Leader is under scrutiny yet again. UNP Southern Provincial Councillor T.V.K. Gamini spoke openly about the current situation in the party. Recently, the Provincial Councillor tried to gather other UNP provincial councillors to discuss the issue but was prevented from doing so by the party leadership. T.V.K. Gamini stated that the leadership of the UNP showed their incapability through the defeat at the February 10th election. He stated that J.R. Jayawardena introduced the open economy to the country which brought in massive development and former President Premadasa introduced programs like Jana Saviya and Gam Udawa, all which are relevant to the people. Further, he said that this government has not initiated a single program to date.

“They've only disrupted the programmes which were already in effect, like the fertilizer subsidy and school uniforms. Through this, they gained the dissatisfaction of the people.”

According to T.V.K. Gamini, there should be a change from ground level all the way up to the leadership and there should be a major in leadership. He stated that there should be a major change in leadership, the country should reach out to the ground level and identify a leader who understands the roots, restart the development and initiate a programme to rebuild the country.

“If this is done, the UNP'ers can be protected and at the same time take the party forward as well. Although the United National Party is a democratic party, there isn't any democracy.”

T.V.K. Gamini states that if someone launches a struggle, that person will either have to distance himself from the party or leave the party entirely and that this is what is happening now. Further, he stated that the others who are trying to take over leadership are also trying to do so through the back door.

“There is a whole line of them waiting to take up the leadership, but the issue is those who are putting themselves forward for it doesn’t have what it takes to lead.”