North Korea to abandon nukes – Soul says

North Korea to abandon nukes – Soul says

North Korea to abandon nukes – Soul says

Written by Staff Writer

06 Mar, 2018 | 10:15 pm

The Soul administration states that North Korea is willing to abandon nuclear weapons.

The announcement was made following a special meeting between the North Korean President Kim Jong Un and two other South Korea’s top government officials, the intelligence chief and the top national security adviser. The meeting was held in Pyongyang for five long hours.

During this meeting, the North Korean leader has agreed to stop the nuclear missile tests while the denuclearization discussions are ongoing. Commenting further, North Korea has expressed that they are prepared to come to the discussion table with the US on abandoning nuclear weapons.

North Korea has stated that they have no intention to retain nuclear weapons unless they are being threatened attacked by the other countries.

The peace initiatives by Kim Jong Un is noted as a remarkable turning point since he has always been engaged in a rivalry with the United States of America.

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