The story of little Sanuki wanting to come home

The story of little Sanuki wanting to come home

The story of little Sanuki wanting to come home

Written by Nathasha De Alwis

05 Mar, 2018 | 10:01 pm

A heartbreaking story of a family stranded in a foreign land unable to pay hospital charges for their young child was reported to News 1st.

The only request this family made from News 1st was to tell their story to Sri Lanka.

“ I would like to go home and go to school. Please help me get back to Sri Lanka.” – Sanuki Sehethma Bandara

Seven-year-old Sanuki Sehethma Bandara has been waiting anxiously for four months to return to her motherland.

Little Sanuki is currently receiving treatment at the Thalassemia treatment unit at the Narayana Health Hospital in India.

She is the only child of Police Constable, Sisira Pradeep Weerasinghe, and Sisirage Dilani Mallika Kumari.

Little Sanuki was diagnosed with Thalassemia three months after she was birth and following a number of tests, he parents had to spend most of the time in hospitals.

Soon it became necessary for Sanuki to get monthly blood transfusions at the Kandy General Hospital & Peradeniya Teaching hospital.

Young Sanuki entered Ankumbura Primary School with other children her age but started falling sick shortly after, leaving her mother helpless.

The doctors recommended that the little girl under a bone marrow transplant surgery, and so the search began for matching bone marrow tissues.

It was found at the Narayana health hospital in Indian, the cost of the surgery was 6.5 million Rupees.

After gathering the required funds from various donors and other charities, the parents departed for India with little Sanuki on the 19th of October.

The surgery was successfully completed by the 8th of November, however, the family was not able to return home.


This is how little Sanuki’s father depicted the story…

“Four months ago we came to the Narayan health hospital for my daughter’s surgery. We did the surgery, we had 6.5 million with us, however, there was an infection during the surgery and they had to treat that as well. We had to remain in the hospital for over a month for it. We have been forced to pay an additional sum of 5.7million..”


Returning home is little Sanuki’s dream. For an individual for supports his family serving as a police constable, 5.7 million Rupees is a major obstacle.

The only hope and dream of the parents are to bring little Sanuki back to her motherland to Sri Lanka.

“We cannot leave the hospital without paying the bill. Each day we stay add about 18,000 Rupees to our bill. Each day the bill increases, we are helpless. Please help us bring our daughter home.”

Story of a little girl stranded in India

The story of little Sanuki wanting to come home…#lka #News1st #Heartbreaking #LittleSanuki

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