US accuses Syria of violating ceasefire

US accuses Syria of violating ceasefire

US accuses Syria of violating ceasefire

Written by Staff Writer

01 Mar, 2018 | 10:59 am

The United States of America is blaming Syria for failing to act upon the UN proposed ceasefire.

At the United Nations Security Council meeting, US accused that both Syria and Russia are heavily violating the ceasefire and continue with military operations in Eastern Ghouta.

The 30-day ceasefire has not come to effect as Syrian forces launch the offensive with the support of Russian warplanes.

Earlier Russia said that ‘ five-hour “humanitarian pauses” will be implemented for evacuation of civilians and entrance for medical and other facilities.

However as the ‘ five-hour “humanitarian pauses” did not come into effect, the civilians of the area are paying the price, the US representative to the UN, Kelley Currie blames.

According to Kelley Currie the humanitarian pauses”.

Responding to US critics Russian Ambassador to UM said Russia is working towards implementing daily five-hour humanitarian pause despite the rebels shelling mortars targeting the humanitarian operations.

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