Gammadda: Happiness flows as Matara students receive clean water and safe infrastructure

Gammadda: Happiness flows as Matara students receive clean water and safe infrastructure

By Keshala Dias

17 Feb, 2018 | 10:14 pm

COLOMBO (News1st) – Water is taken for granted by those living in many parts of this world. But there are hundreds, hidden in distant and difficult corners of this globe, who suffer without a trickle of these life-giving drops. So precious do they hold this water, which we take for granted and do not think twice about throwing away.

Gammadda has focussed on the travails of those without clear, drinking water and observed the consequences of  lack of clean, drinking water. Lack of clean drinking water leads to chronic kidney disease, and other dangerous health conditions.

However, lack of clean, drinking water is not the only problem faced by the young ones of Uda Aparekke Primary School in Matara. They  also lack of proper infrastructure facilities.

Today (February 17), the Gammadda Weda Dahasak programme changed the lives of these students forever.

The E.M.W. Jayasuriya Memorial Foundation stepped forward to solve these issues faced by the students by joining hands with the Gammadda Weda Dahasak program.

The President of Eisenhower Fellowship George De Lama, his wife and senior officers of the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited were among those present.

The Eisenhower Fellowship exist to inspire leaders around the world to challenge themselves to envision how they can effect positive change.

President of Eisenhower Fellowships, George De Lama, expressing his views at the program, stated that he is grateful to the people who have opened their hearts to them.

He looked up to the students and stated, “All of you, your story is not written. Your story is before you, still to tell.”


“Lack of drinking water and infrastructure are the main issues we face. When I took measures to inform the top about this, the parents took the initiative to inform Sirasa Gammadda about it, because they have touched the hearts of the people.” – Principal of Udaaparekka Primary School, J.L.A. Sunil Shantha