Body of missing nine-year-old found in Chilaw jungle

Body of missing nine-year-old found in Chilaw jungle

Body of missing nine-year-old found in Chilaw jungle

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27 Feb, 2018 | 10:56 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): The body of a nine-year-old boy from Iranawila, Chilaw, who was missing for two days, was found in a jungle area on Tuesday morning.

The boy, identified as Juwan Jedige Susin Nirmal, was a grade 04 student from the Iranawila Vidyalaya. He was reported missing on Sunday.

CCTV cameras at a nearby shop recorded footage of a man taking the child away after gifting him a questionable item.

According to the mother, the victim usually slept in the house, but around 8 he had left to the shop and stayed there until 10. After that, no one knows what happened, stated his mother.

She further stated that after 1.30 p.m. another child told her that he went off with a man.

“He told me to come. I told him that I cannot. I saw that he had a knife. So I told him that I cannot. Then, I saw Nirmal walking with that man into the jungle,” said a boy in the area

The victim was the third in a family of five, living in Samindugama, Iranawila. The person who discovered the body stated that they were looking for the boy and came across the T-shirt he was wearing earlier.

Further, he stated that he was speechless after what he saw. However, others who were with him are the ones who alerted the search parties.

According to police, the man who is said to have been with the boy when he was last seen,  has fled the area.

A local coconut plucker is suspected of committing the murder. Investigations are underway to locate the suspect.


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