Maldives top court seeks to impeach president : Attorney General

Maldives top court seeks to impeach president : Attorney General

Maldives top court seeks to impeach president : Attorney General

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04 Feb, 2018 | 6:54 pm

The situation in the Maldives has grown tense following the supreme court ruling to release Former President Mohammad Nasheed and other opposition leaders of charges brought against them and to conduct a re-trial .

Retuers reports that the Supreme Court in the Maldives is trying to impeach President Abdulla Yameen for not obeying its order to release jailed opposition leaders.

Addressing a media briefing today (February 4) Attorney General Mohamed Anil stated that the government had received information the Supreme Court was preparing to fire Yameen, but such a move would be illegal and would be resisted by government law enforcement authorities.

Riot police stood guard outside government offices in Male and the Republic Square today, a site of protests by opposition activists.

Since the supreme court ruling was issued President Abdulla Yammeen has fired the head of the Maldivian Police force twice.

On Thursday (February 1) Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Areef was terminated from his post. His replacement Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Saudhy was terminated from his post late yesterday (February 3) night.

The moves come amid fears by the opposition of full military takeover of the country and adding international pressure on the Maldivian Government to enforce the Supreme Court ruling.

Meanwhile tensions flared today as the Maldives army surrounded Parliament as opposition lawmakers tried to make way into the premises following the resignation of the Parliamentary Secretary General.

Soldiers in riot gear surrounded the parliament building in male soon after the opposition petitioned the parliament to remove the island nation’s attorney general and its chief prosecutor.

The motion to remove Attorney General Mohamed Anil came hours after he accused the Supreme Court of trying to impeach the president.

The United Nations, European Union, and several foreign governments including India, US and UK, have welcomed the Supreme Court’s latest ruling, and urged Yameen to comply with it.

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