Sri Lankan politicians – have they started to steal cattle now? (VIDEO)

Sri Lankan politicians – have they started to steal cattle now? (VIDEO)

Written by Staff Writer

24 Jan, 2018 | 9:27 pm

Corruption is not reserved just for the previous government.

At the receiving end of all corrupt activities are the innocent people of Sri Lanka, most of who struggle through day and night to make a living.

Sadly, these corrupt acts have affected Sri Lanka’s humble farmer as well.

Minister of Rural Economic Affairs, these questions are for you.

Cow thieves

New Zealand and Australia sent 3024 pregnant cows to Sri Lanka.

This was done with the aim of increasing fresh milk production in Sri Lanka.

Farmers were invited to apply for a minimum of ten cows each.

1635 cows were allocated for farmers that successfully met the requirements stipulated in the open invitation.

Of the remaining, 340 were given to the National Livestock Development Board.

That leaves out 1049 cows – all unaccounted for.

The loss?

A pregnant cow is valued at Rs. 467,000.

However, farmers are given a concessionary price of Rs. 200,000.

Where are the 1049 cows worth Rs. 209,800,000?

Dear minister, where are the missing cows?

Who let the cattle out?

By the looks of it, the News 1st cartoonist might have an answer…

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