Czech government is resigning after losing a ‘Confidence vote’

Czech government is resigning after losing a ‘Confidence vote’

Czech government is resigning after losing a ‘Confidence vote’

Written by Lahiru Fernando

17 Jan, 2018 | 10:45 pm

The Czech government has agreed to resign today (January 17) after the minority cabinet lost a confidence vote.

Led by Prime Minister Andrej Babis, the government is to remain in office in a ‘caretaker’ capacity.

“The government approved its resignation and I will ask for an appointment with the president so that I can deliver the resignation personally,”, said Andrej Babis.

The PM is battling allegations, which say he abused an EU subsidy program 10 years ago as a businessman.

According to the Czech President Milos Zeman, he will give Babis another go at forming a government.

The president’s spokesman said Zeman would accept the resignation by the end of the working week.

Babis is the Czech republic’s second-richest person.

According to Police allegations, Babis hid the ownership of one of his companies a decade ago to win a 2 million euro subsidy, mostly from European Union funds meant for small businesses.

However, the Prime Minister denies any wrongdoing.

He was charged in the case but regained immunity from prosecution when he won a lower house seat in an October general election.

In that election, his ANO party claimed victory by a wide margin, but failed to reach a majority.

Will his immunity be lifted? – Parliament is set to decide this at the end of this week.

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