JO is preparing a Motion of No Confidence against Prime Minister Ranil (VIDEO)

JO is preparing a Motion of No Confidence against Prime Minister Ranil (VIDEO)

Written by Lahiru Fernando

09 Jan, 2018 | 5:46 pm

The Bond Scam report compiled by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry was to be debated in Parliament tomorrow (January 10).

However, now it is said that the report will be tabled in Parliament instead.

The date for a debate is yet to be announced.

What happened?

Political Party leaders had discussed the matter today (January 9) at a leaders meeting.

During this meeting, several party leaders had expressed concerns that the debate would not be productive without the report being tabled in Parliament first.

The emergency Parliamentary session planned for tomorrow was called by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

A motion of No Confidence

The Joint Opposition has announced that they will move a ‘Motion of No Confidence’ against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

“All party leaders that come under the Joint Opposition have unanimously decided to move a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister over the matter related to the Bond Issue.” – MP Bandula Gunawardene.

A letter has already been directed at President Maithripala Sirisena, requesting the complete report of the Bond Commission.

According to MP Gunawardene, the Motion of No Confidence will be prepared based on the report.

Statements and Slogans

This is not the first time we, the people of Sri Lanka, hear the ‘Joint Opposition’ moving a ‘Motion of No Confidence’ against a person in the Government.

Until now, all of the Joint Opposition’s statements and slogans, have remained just that. Just statements and slogans. They have failed time after time, when it comes to actual execution.

1. The JO spoke of a ‘Motion of No Confidence’ against then-Minister Ravi Karunanayake.

What happened? – They could not get that in place.

2. Prior to the 2018 Budget, the Joint Opposition went on-and-on, speaking to defeat the budget.

The result?

  • 155 votes cast in favor of the budget
  • 56 votes against it

3. One of the key figures in the JO was barely ever present in Parliament during important moments.

4. They spoke against several acts outside of Parliament. But when it came to actually defeating them in Parliament, the Joint Opposition simply couldn’t do it.

Given this track-record…

Why should the people still have faith in the Joint Opposition?

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