SriLankan Airlines: Directors resign, but the accused CEO will continue to serve?

SriLankan Airlines: Directors resign, but the accused CEO will continue to serve?

Written by Lahiru Fernando

07 Jan, 2018 | 10:28 pm

SriLankan Airlines had been under crisis in the recent past with accusations of mismanagement.The national carrier of Sri Lanka is in serious debt and currently running its daily activities through loans.

With pressure from the media mounting on, six out of seven Board Directors at SLA announced that they are ready to resign. The one staying is Harendra K. Balapatabendi.

The government, has now accepted their resignations and has appointed a new interim team to take over the management.

A new interim team

A “well informed source” has told The Sunday Times newspaper that former Board of Investment Chairman Thilan Wijesinghe is to be appointed as the new interim team head.

According to the newspaper,  this process will happen ‘within days’ after the current directors are formally informed through letters that their resignations are accepted.

The newspaper says that there is no immediate information on the status of Balapatabendi. It remains to be seen whether he would be included in the new interim panel or asked to step down with the other directors.

The Sunday Times, quoting the same source, said the airline’s CEO Suren Ratwatte was expected to continue during this interim period.The government took the measure to appoint a new interim committee following continuous pressure from the media and trade unions on mismanagement.

Accusations on mismanagement was directed at none-other-than the CEO of SriLankan Airlines – Capt. Suren Ratwatte.

So, according to these reports, the same CEO is going to continue.

If such is the case,

What is the point?

Also, the Board of directors are walking off.

Are they exempted from the responsibility?

If the commission appointed by the president finds any wrong-doing carried out by these board directors,

Will they even be in the country when it is announced?

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