Gammadda Wawen Wewata – Phase II: An amazing discovery of an archaeological site

Gammadda Wawen Wewata – Phase II: An amazing discovery of an archaeological site

Written by Lahiru Fernando

06 Jan, 2018 | 10:29 pm

News 1st launched the second phase of Gammadda Wawen-Wewata initiative today (January 6). This initiative is aimed at reigniting Sri Lanka’s great and advanced hydraulic civilization.

Wawen-Wewata was first launched on December 17, 2017 at the Bellankadawala Ellangawa / Wewa System located in the Palugaswewa Divisional Secretariat, Anuradhapura District with the aim of conserving the magnificent irrigation system for our future generations.

This is not a journey News 1st is making alone. With us, are many eminent persons with extensive filed experiences, -including Dr P. B. Dharmasena, who is a lecturer at Peradeniya and Rajarata Universities.

To start off Phase II, our team directed it’s attention towards the first water source of the Malwathu Oya -the Kumbukhiti water spring.

This water spring is also known to nourish a wewa system, including the Bellankadawala Wewa.

According to the agrarian community in the area, in the past the water from this spring was collected with a dam that was build across Kumbuk-kadawala and water was allowed to flow through to the wewa system.

Based on this information, our team took the journey of locating this water spring in the thick forest known to be inhabited by wild elephants.

When we reached the location we found out the ancient dam which was, sadly, in ruins.

This dam was built to divert the water from the Kumbukpitiya water spring to Weerawea wewa.

After inspecting the location, our experts pointed out that this construction is a fine example that show cases how environmental balance was preserved in the past by building a dam to collect water from on the surface, and below.

Thereafter our teams went in search of the water spring. In this journey, our teams made an amazing discovery.

To find out what our team discovered, watch the video below...

Next Stop: Waya water spring and Morgasewa Wewa.

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