Who takes the first bribe to make politicians rogues? – A reality check by MP Handunnetti

Who takes the first bribe to make politicians rogues? – A reality check by MP Handunnetti

Written by Staff Writer

28 Dec, 2017 | 9:46 pm

Sri Lankans all around have several main complaints about the way things are done in the country.

One of the key factors we all talk about is taking and giving bribes, especially when it comes to government institutions and politicians.

Speaking at a public rally recently, JVP MP Sunil Handunnetti spoke on the very matter, and he started off with one question.

“Who takes the first bribe to make these politicians rogues?”

The MP pointed out that it is actually the voters in Sri Lanka who take the first bribe.

“You (the voter) give only if you get something. They also know that they have to give something to get.”

‘Shameful isn’t it?’

MP Handunnetti went on to speak about how politicians are collecting items to give out, in light of the elections.

He said politicians are collecting things such as;

  • Roofing sheets
  • Cement bags
  • Flower pots
  • Clothes

According to the MP, politicians will collect atleast a matchbox to give out.

“Shameful isn’t it? Don’t forget that they take truckloads to distribute what they give out. We only get once a year but they take from us for five years,” he added.

Sunil Handunnetti also pointed out how whenever a lorry transporting cattle is caught, a brothel is raided, drugs are seized, elephant tusks are cut off or an elephant calf is stolen, –there is always a Pradeshiya Sabha member or chairman who is involved.

The MP stated that this (politics) has become a business where politicians make no loss.

  1. “This has become a business. Contesting elections has today become a big business and they don’t even have to work for people and when we ask why, they say I gave before I took,” he said.

“Now you’re waiting as if Santa Claus is coming.”
                              – JVP MP Sunil Handunnetti

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