Horror at 60 mph: Mentally ill rogue driver run through busy Melbourne street

Horror at 60 mph: Mentally ill rogue driver run through busy Melbourne street

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21 Dec, 2017 | 7:20 pm

Nineteen people have been injured, some critical and some not, after an SUV ran through a busy street at the heart of downtown Melbourne.

Witnesses said they saw “people flying everywhere” after the SUV hit the pedestrians at around ’60 mph’.

Australian Police say the act is not considered to be terrorism, but a ‘deliberate act of evil’.

The rouge driver had run a red light before driving through pedestrians. Witnesses have said the vehicle did not slow down.

Of the injured nineteen, fifteen are in a stable condition -four critical (as of 7.00 pm Sri Lankan time).

Meanwhile the SUV driver is said to have a minor criminal record and known to Melbourne Police. He is believed to be a drug addict with a history of mental health problems.

He is currently receiving treatment for injuries sustained when police dragged him from the car and handcuffed him at the scene.

A second man

Another individual was arrested following the incident, however he is not believed to be connected to the attack.

The man was arrested under suspicion, as he was filming the incident. Melbourne Police also found three knives in his bag.

Authorities say it was likely he would be exonerated.

England Cricket Team

The English squad and management are in Melbourne for the Boxing Day Ashes Test.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has issued a statement saying all members and staff of the team are “all accounted for and safe”.

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