The famous golden coasts of SL, now covered with garbage and… washing machines?

The famous golden coasts of SL, now covered with garbage and… washing machines?

By Lahiru Fernando

11 Oct, 2017 | 10:17 pm

Sri Lanka – the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, is known all around the world for her gorgeous golden beaches and waters as diverse as it’s community, from surfing waves to soothing, calm coasts.

But that beauty seems a sight of the past if one is to travel along the coast of Wellawatte. This part of the beach, along with other coastal areas, are becoming a garbage dump at an alarming rate, making Sri Lanka one of the world’s top polluters of the vast ocean that hugs majority of the globe.

News 1st paid a visit to the Wellawatte beach to find out why…

Wella beach 2We were greeted with a sad, appalling sight of garbage, grimly decorating the golden beach of Colombo 6.

Sri Lanka’s golden coastlines are famous around the world, especially those in the Southern and Eastern parts of the Island nation. The coastline is one of Sri Lanka’s main tourist attractions, especially for the surfer communities.

However it is a dark time for the shores off Wellawatte, Modara and Crow Island of the western coast, where they remain silently, –neglected.

The coast is packed with debris and plastic, collected as a result of sea current and washed ashore onto our own shores. Needless to say, it is a rather unpleasant sight.

Wella beach 3

The Marine Environment Protection Authority report – 2015

The MEPA report detailed the garbage seen along the coastal belt Sri Lanka, according to the garbage density that is accumulated.

Of all things that can be found, were 250 refrigerators and washing machines -washed ashore in Jaffna.

Adding up to the interesting finds were;

  • Fireworks (Trincomalee) – 1579
  • Cutlery (Trincomalee) – 587
  • Syringes (Kalutara) – 211
  • Straws (Kalutara) – 2481
  • Foot-ware (Colombo) – 887 Kg
  • Cigarette lighters (Gampaha) – 44
  • Balloons (Puttlam) – 43

Marine Environment Protection Authority has put these surfing down to the weather.

“This is because of the weather. When we met for a meeting yesterday,we decided to take measures to clean the shores with the assistance of the ministry of Metropolis and Western Development. We have requested the public not to dump garbage into the rivers.” – Prabath Chandrakeerthi – Director General, MEPA