Investigations launched as Kekirawa school expels student over false allegations

Investigations launched as Kekirawa school expels student over false allegations

Written by Keshala Dias

20 Oct, 2017 | 8:44 pm

The North Central Province Department of Education has launched an investigation over the expulsion of a female student from a school in the Kekirawa Educational Zone.

As the family claims that false allegations have been made against the student, News1st decided to inquire into the incident.Inquiries revealed that the student was expelled for a false reason.

The student in question studies in the 10th grade and comes from a poor family. This family is forced to endure many hardships to merely provide themselves with three daily meals, let alone their other needs.

On October 01, their daughter had vomitted in school and her fellow students had informed the principal of the matter. Thereafter, the students parents were called to school and was told that their child is expelled since she was pregnant.

However, the parents claimed that she had vomited as she has not eaten her breakfast.

Afterwards, the student was admitted to the Dambulla Base Hospital by her parents. Speaking to News1st, Hospital Superintendant Dr. Gamini Senanayake said the student was seen by the gynaecologist.

Tests have revealed that the student was not molested and was not pregnant.

“She is not pregnant. She had just vomited. That is why she was admitted. I say again, she is not pregnant”, said Dr. Gamini Senanayake.

News1st’s attempts to contact the Headmistress of the school proved futile, and the student in question returned home today after nineteen days in hospital.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education says it has taken appropriate steps over this matter.

A statement by the Minister of Education notes that he had instructed officials to immediately probe the incident that led to
the student being expelled from school over a false report that she was pregnant.

Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Sunil Hettiarachchi, has been instructed to take swift action on the incident.Provincial Education Director, Nirmala Ekanayake, says the conduct of the principal will be investigated and if she is found to have done wrong, she will be suspended from service.

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